Helping Others

When the time comes to clean out Storage Units in Bronx NY, many people simply throw away those items they no longer want or need. Don’t do this, when there are numerous people who could benefit from these items. Although it may seem easiest to simply take the unwanted goods to a local thrift store, there are other options available. Consider donating to an organization that helps others at no charge. This allows those who may not have funds to get the items they need. Following are some suggestions of places to donate to when cleaning these units.

Scout Organizations

Are you getting rid of camping supplies? If so, a scout troop would benefit greatly from these items. Scouting is meant to be accessible to any boy or girl, but a child may avoid joining as they believe they won’t have the money for a sleeping bag or a tent. By giving these items to the troop, a person can not only dispose of an item they no longer want but help a child in need at the same time. While the troop may have funds to purchase extras for these children, they could also use the money for camp stoves and other items. By providing the sleeping bags and tents, they can save this money for other things. Obviously, if you have these things lying around in Self Storage Facilities in the Bronx, don’t hesitate to donate them also.

Homes for Unwed Mothers

Visit any thrift shop and baby items will be everywhere. Parents often go out and buy brand new items for their little one, only to have them discarded in a short time as children grow so quickly. This leads to thrift stores being overwhelmed with these items. Instead of adding to the thrift store collection, donate unneeded items to a home for unwed mothers. The moms can then spend the funds they do have on necessities, such as diapers, and still have the items every parent wants and needs for their precious bundle of joy. Self Storage Units are often filled with items of this type, and now is the time to consider putting them to use for a good cause.

Veteran Organizations

Individuals who serve our country often get little pay for doing so. However, they put their life on the line for others every day. When cleaning out Self Storage Units in Bronx keep this in mind. Donate to these organizations instead of sending the items to a local thrift store. By doing so, you ensure service members have items they want and need without spending their limited funds to obtain them.

These are only a few of the many places that benefit from receiving items in good shape. There are numerous others. Think outside the box when cleaning out your unit. Those unwanted items can do a lot of good in the lives of many.


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